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You May Also Like. It was utterly shameful knowing that my sister was receiving the same treatment just an arms length away and it was everything I could do to keep my eyes shut and act like this was totally normal. But nope, this woman managed to do it a second time with the other leg. It wasnt a big deal, but then one of the masseuses closed the curtains around the massage area indicating that we were to undress right there together and not separately in a changing room. Although the bottom half was frosted glass, the top half was completely clear. Theres nothing like sporting your birthday suit on your birthday in front of two strangers! His masseuse lady must have been going through the motions of adjusting the sheet that was draped over him and was completely caught off guard by his blinding white butt cheeks.


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Du kan massage med mænd eller kvinder. Then you flip over and it continues on your arms, chest, and the front of your legs, face and head. Contents, birthday Suit Massage, for my last birthday, Chris treated me to a full day of massages. Do you have any funny or embarrassing Thai massage stories? The awkward part was that both masseuses remained in the room. An oil massage begins with you laying on your stomach and getting massaged on your back, shoulders, and legs. Ring til OS for få god massage. We were asked to undress and put on plastic shower caps (how sexy) and these itty bitty black pairs of disposable underwear before crawling under our sheets on the massage beds.

Massage in Copenhagen: Thai massage sydhavnen brasiliansk massage

But this time there was no small towel provided for modesty. Our body scrub came first. The one time, im sharing the same massage space with another person is when Im completely topless and getting my pecs massaged. See all hours, suggested duration: 1-2 hours. When everything was over, the masseuses left the room and finally allowed us to change in privacy. However, if a massage place has great reviews, hell consider it and treat himself. My parents were seated in the front area of the massage shop and my sister and I were taken to the back. We tend to go for the latter and pay between 150 to 300 baht for an hour massage and leave a little extra for tip. About, the Thai Massage Spa is a luxurious Oriental Spa, and insist on cleanliness and massage skills.

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